Paul and Opus

Our interim ED, Paul Hoffman, accepting a donation from Opus 29 Palms

community Foundation

The Community Foundation was generous enough to assist us in renovating our transitional housing units! Thank You TCF!!!

Morongo Basin Unity Home remains in operation due to funding from federal, state, and private grants, as well as donations from community members and their families.  Monetary donations go towards everything from general operation to buying supplies for our shelter clients, to getting the oil changed in our company vehicles.  All donations are greatly appreciated and contribute greatly to the continued operation of our organization. 

Due to budget cuts and cuts in funding in recent years, Unity Home finds itself struggling at times with finances.  However, we remain optimistic and we have the utmost faith in our community.  Many times, they have not let us down when we are in need. 
Our heart and gratitude goes out to all those who support us in any way whether it be volunteering, monetary, or other donations.  We could not stay in business without your support.
Currently, we are in need of funds to purchase. . .
-General Household Items  
Any amount of money you can donate is greatly appreciated!  To donate, just click on the donate link below, it’s fast and easy!  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!


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